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 Unamplified sound and natural light that transcends

Located just south of the Portland Metro area, the Willamette Valley is known as Oregon’s wine country. This prime setting enables our guests to experience the best of Northwest wines in a beautiful rural landscape.

​Columban Hall is designed to be a unique place for gatherings and celebrations—a place for lasting memories. Wine has accompanied such events since ancient times, and it’s natural for it to do so now—now as much as ever.  It’s been said the tasting room is a winery’s “flagship”.  Here the “flagship” is a unique building that draws excellence in music, learning, and business or professional meetings. The atrium can safely accommodate groups, performances and presentations - with plenty of space. The upper floor offers more private settings without being far removed from the atrium. The arrangement allows for presentations to larger audiences (50+) and smaller “break-out” sessions.

The rooms and balconies on the second tier also accommodate audiences that would be able to hear and view the presentations or performances on the atrium main floor. Similar to box seating in a theater or stadium. The rooms, recessed as they are from the balcony, can be used to accommodate service during the main floor program without disruption. The balconies also allow for performers to be located throughout the building—creating a truly stereophonic sound.

Perhaps it was the architect’s application of the golden ratio in his plans that created the remarkable acoustics. The ratio, well known in the Classical world, is often found in nature and has been used for centuries as a guide to create harmonious, natural looking compositions in design work. A second generation conductor, who leads a world class choral group that performed in the Hall, stated that the venue produced the finest unamplified sound he has possibly ever experienced. He expressed a desire to employ Columban Hall as the “studio” for future recordings for the choir. 



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